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Donut (I mean homemade chocolate cake with no allergens...) and reading date with Brother at school!

Sledding! 🛷

The snow was starting to melt so we decided we had to get out before it was gone today!

The kids weren't so sure at first but in the end they did not want to go home.

Gingerbread House Night! 🍪🏠

Christmas Break Here We Come! 🎄

The kids just finished up school today and Mal has her last final for the semester tonight and then it’s party time! 🎉

First Good Snow ❄️

The kids were so excited to go out and play and the snow today! It is the first really good snow we have had and it didn't matter to them that it was going to get dark soon! Rick joined them for some snowballs and sled pulls.

Family Ride 🍁

Today was so warm we just had to get out for a ride and see the beautiful fall colors. It was so amazing. This is my favorite place to ride of all-time. We even saw some muskrats? or maybe they were beavers or mink?!?! They were fun though! The kids are so great on their bikes and we had the best time.

Last Kayaking Trip of the Year 🛶