About Me

I love new adventures! Seeing and exploring new places, trying and learning new things, meeting people and making new friends. I love to be outside whether it is in the backyard playing as a family, biking for miles and miles, or being up in the mountains hiking or camping. I love organizing and working on things around the house and in the garden.  I love doing things together as a family, whether that is a game night, movie night, going for a walk or a bike ride, crafting, baking or reading books together. I am so grateful that I have the blessing of being able to stay home with my kids all of the time. We learn and grow together and I hope they have as much fun as I do! 

Biking has been a huge blessing for me. I started when I developed medical conditions during my last pregnancy. (See Our Story.) Because I am sitting down and pumping my heart, I do really well and it strengthens my body to be able to do more in other situations. Biking has become a major part of my life that I really enjoy and our family enjoys together. I bike nearly every day and do a bike race every year, making for over 1000 miles every year. I guess you could say I'm hooked!

Fun Facts

I enjoy:

Spending time with my family (Bonus if it's outdoors!)


Being in the Mountains


I love:​

The Color Pink

The Number 7

Jane Austen Movies

Also I am really good with puns : )